How Does Natural Deodorant Work

In our current times, people are shifting to healthier lifestyles. This includes using plant-based products for the skin and eating healthy. The skincare production companies have not been left out on this either. Producing natural deodorants is one of the ways to remain up-to-date, here is how this works.

The body has several sweat glands. Let’s say, for example, in your underarms. There are tiny ducts known as sweat ducts that help sweat move from the sweat glands to the skin surface. Sweating is a metabolic process that occurs when the body has too much activity going on and needs to cool down. This is why your skin surface feels cold after you sweat.

Artificial deodorants, those made of chemical compounds such as aluminum, block the sweat pores and prevent sweat from reaching the surface. On the other hand, natural deodorants keep your sweat ducts open to allow sweating but neutralize the smell of sweat with the fragrances in the ingredients.

What are the benefits of using natural deodorants to artificial deodorants?

– Natural deodorants do not disrupt normal body functioning. Unlike artificial deodorants, the sweat pores remain open, allowing the skin to cool off naturally through sweating.

– They are healthy. Natural deodorants are made from the earth’s minerals and natural plant extracts. This means the product is healthy for the skin and does not contain toxic components such as aluminum salts.

– Natural deodorants rarely stain cloths. Salts react to form a residue that stains brightly colored clothes. This happens to dark-colored clothes as their bleach reactions take place on the same area for a long while.

– Natural deodorants can make someone have a scent. With the different flavors, such as this one here, one can have their unique scent.

– They are environmentally friendly. Since the products are made from natural plant extracts, when released to the environment they are easily converted into components friendly to the environment.

What are the benefits or disadvantages of switching to natural deodorants?

– Some people complain their skin develops rushes when they switch to natural deodorants. This is probably a reaction with the plant or natural salts and oils in the product.

– Some people also complain they still smell bad, especially after having a busy day. Note that natural deodorants do not block the sweat pores but only neutralize the smell of sweat on the body.

– Natural deodorants are expensive. Compared to artificial deodorants, they are more costly as they require a long process to make them. The ingredients have to be harvested from nature, making the production process more complex.

– With natural deodorants, you do have to reapply during the day as compared to artificial deodorants. Once you apply in the morning, you can go the whole day without feeling the urge to reapply.

– If you are the type who likes to wear sleeveless clothes, then natural deodorants work well for you. With the fact that it does not form a layer of protection on your skin to prevent sweating, you can be convinced that your underarms will not be as dark.

In conclusion, you should try out natural deodorants if you haven’t before and see whether they work well for you.