How to make your own deodorant?

Looking, feeling, and smelling fresh is a very critical part of your overall personality. A fresh feeling shapes up who you are and tends to drive you throughout the day. To be more likable, approachable, and friendly, it is important to look good and also to smell good. People often forget that smelling good is very critical as it allows you to keep people on your side and not drive them away from you. To smell good, you can opt for a variety of different products like perfumes, scents, deodorants, etc. There are a plethora of options when it comes to self-care products because the growing demand of the customers has to be met promptly. Companies like Nike, Adidas, Akt London, Fa, and others as well, are really contributing positively to the overall self-care industry to help its users look and feel fresh.

Why are deodorants in high demand?

Without a doubt, amongst the other options, deodorants are perhaps the most in-demand product. There are a variety of reasons for this. Foremost, deodorants are way cheaper than the likes of high-end perfumes. In addition to this, they provide more value in terms of functionality in comparison to antiperspirants, which are available at almost the same price. Other than this, deodorants offer a lot of variety in the sense that they are available in many flavors. Hence, a customer is spoilt for choices really when it comes to picking and choosing the type of deodorant that best suits their needs. Moreover, deodorants are usually the only product that provides a much-needed fresh feeling. With perfumes and their other varieties, there is a great mix of alcohol and scents that make it fairly strong in comparison to a deodorant that feels fresher.

Making your own deodorant

Since deodorants are in high demand, it only makes sense to start making your own deodorants for trying out yourself or if they are good enough, maybe for selling it further forward. But what steps are involved in making your own deodorant?

Collect the important ingredients

It depends more on your taste and your choice really, but some ingredients are very important in making sure that you end up making what’s best for you. Coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot starch, essential oils, and natural flavors are some important ingredients that can be used to make your own deodorant.

Start mixing and mashing

You start by mixing baking soda with the arrowroot starch. Then mash the paste in the coconut oil for a good amount of time. This has to be done till the mixture is completely blended. Next, add the essential oils according to your own taste and smell. Once the mixture is prepared, place it in an empty jar. When you want to use it, just warm a small amount of the mixture between your fingers and wait until the mixture turns into a liquid. This liquid is finally to be applied all over your body gently.