Ice Cream Facts – Types, Brands, Benefits – Ice Cream History

Ice cream is a frozen dessert that can be taken as a snack as well. It is known for its refreshing effect, especially on a sunny day or after a sweaty exercise. It is popular in several cultures throughout the universe and taken by a wide range of age groups. And nowadays almost everyone has beloved brands of ice cream.

Ice cream is traced back to 618-97 AD in China by King tang of Shang. A mixture of rice and buffalo milk was frozen in ice to make the refreshing snack. Since then, the culture of taking ice cream has been adopted by several cultures throughout the world. Every time a new improvement is made from the previous trial.

Ice cream flavors are in bulk and vary from vanilla to chocolate taste, from mint to fruit flavors. There are organic brands as well. Some people prefer to consume ice cream that suits their nutritional goals, such as low calories, low fat, and low sugars. Either way, it seems all of us are sorted according to our preferences when it comes to what we want to consume.

What is ice cream made of?

Different brands of ice cream are made in various ways depending on the flavor and nutritional value. However, there are common compositions that are present in all brands.

Milk fat

Ice cream contains around 20-15% of milk fat. The higher is the amount of milk fat, the smoother is the texture due to low amounts of water. Those with lower milk fat are lighter in density and texture. They melt faster compared to those with high milk content.


They lower the melting point of the ice cream mixtures to enable the components to stick together at very low temperatures. Common gums used as stabilizers include guar gum, carob bean gum, and cellulose gum. Natural stabilizers such as fruits are available and contain less sugar compared to artificial sugars.


We all have our favorite brands of ice cream and this is because they have different flavors. Whether strawberry, banana, caramel, or any other flavor are generously available in the market. Some people prefer particular food colors that are safe.

Benefits of ice cream to the body

  1. The milk used to make ice cream contains calcium that is an important component in the development of healthy teeth and bones.
  2. The calories presented in ice cream are important in providing the body with energy. When doing strenuous activities that need a lot of energy, have a scoop of your favorite ice cream brand.
  3. Fermented foods are important in the development of bacteria that are responsible for a healthy digestive system. People who frequently experience bloated stomachs and indigestion disorders are encouraged to take ice cream for smooth digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body.
  4. High-fat dairy products like ice cream improve fertility in women. A study conducted showed that women who consume products with dairy fat have a high libido and have higher chances of conceiving.