What is the best country for medical tourism?

india medical tourism Introduction Medical tourism refers to traveling nationally or internationally for a medical procedure or treatment. There are many factors for people to leave their homes and travel long distances for their treatment. These include l  Advance medical technology l  Cost of medical treatment l  Rules of medical treatments People from different countries have different motives for their medical tourism, for instance, patients in the developing nations go for medical tourism for their treatment that is not available in their state or if the procedure is not available. Another reason is that the treatment cost is too high in the patient’s country and another foreign country is offering the same treatment at a lower price. The lower is lower because of the favorable currency exchange rate. According to an article published in Medical tourism magazine in 2016, 11 million Americans left the US for affordable medical treatments abroad. Keeping in mind the factors involved in medical tourism India is considered the best country for medical tourism. Why is India considered as the best country for medical tourism? If you are seeking cutting-edge health facilities at affordable prices, then India should be your destination. India has become a key player in… Read more “What is the best country for medical tourism?”

10 best workout shoes for Women

As women are becoming more health-conscious, the trend of going to the gym and doing a workout is also increasing. Shoes are an integral part of the exercise. The following are the ten best workout shoes for women in 2019. 1. Nike Women’s Free TR focus Nike Women’s Free TR focus The top spot is no surprise as we all know that Nike is one of the leading companies when it comes to sports and workout gear. These shoe lightweight because it is made of synthetic material. This enables you to move freely on any terrain helping women to do their mourning jogs without a hassle. 2. Brooks Women Glycerin 15 Brooks Women Glycerin 15 This shoe is made for those women who are more focused on Gymnastics. This shoe is designed for flexibility and it can handle pull and stretch easily because gum rubber is the material used in the sole of the shoe. 3. Great soles Ballet Nonskid shoes Performing in ballet can be very painful if you slip and fall. So if you want to overcome it, these nonskid shoes are the right choice for you. These shoes have gray circles at the bottom. These gray circles create friction between the feet and the floor. 4.… Read more “10 best workout shoes for Women”

Tips for maximizing physical therapy insurance benefits

Times have changed. Modern humans do not indulge in rigorous physical activities as our ancestors did. As Will Durant mentions in his book “Fallen Leaves,” our bodies take the toll for this change. We may live longer today, but our bodies are not capable of healing as it used to in the past. Due to this aspect, there is a growing need for physical therapy. Physical therapy is provided to those who are in an accident or are facing hindrances in their body movements due to old age or genetic malfunction. It is always a good idea to have insurance for physical therapy. The chances are that you have one too. You may feel pretty safe that you have insurance, but what if we tell you that you can maximize the benefits you reap from it? By the time you reach the end of this article, you will know all about how you can maximize the benefits you can receive from the physical therapy insurance.  How can I maximize benefits from insurance? As it turns out, there are several small steps you can take to maximize the benefits you can reap from your physical therapy insurance. In this regard, it… Read more “Tips for maximizing physical therapy insurance benefits”