Should I use my health insurance to pay my medical bills when the accident is someone else’s fault?

The question asked is a common issue by car accident victims as they lay on their hospital bills. From the collision report by the police, it is obvious that the fault of the accident is clearly the other driver’s fault. So, why is my health insurance provider paying for my medical bills when the responsibility should be the other driver’s? The answer is not as straight forward as you think. That’s where the experienced attorneys from JaeLeeLaw come in. For all your claims and issues on personal injury and car accidents, JaeLeeLaw is the law firm that you want to be representing you in court or in negotiations.

This article provides clarification on any questions you may have on health insurance payments when it is another party’s fault.

Health Insurance and payment of your medical bills

According to the Health Insurance Association of America, health insurance is explained as “coverage that provides benefits for illness or injury.  It includes coverage for loss due to accident, medical expenses, amputation, disability, or accidental death.

The definition by itself holds that your health insurance provider should be paying for any and all injuries from your car accident. Another issue that arises is that many medical providers will not offer you any services or treatment until they have the assurance that the patient has a valid health insurance.

But it was the other party’s fault

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You must realize that the doctors have offered a service to you and must be paid for that service, regardless of who was ‘at fault’. Another issue is a car accident is a legal case that must be resolved at a court of law. It is only then that the other party will be charged as the ‘at fault’ party. Till then, the responsibility of the accident is merely here say.

The doctors and the hospital don’t want to wait 5 years for the legal case to be determined.  In addition, the negligent driver’s insurance provider will not make any payments until they have official communication which comes in the form of a court or jury verdict. They are only obliged to pay for your medical bill after the defendant (the other driver) is found guilty or liable for the car accident.

The other party’s insurance provider

After a verdict by the court (provided it rules in your favor), their insurance provider now has a duty to compensate you. However, the compensation is not according to the medical bills your health insurance provider paid. You are paid the amount that the court or jury decides upon. That’s why you need to be well represented in a court of law. Your lawyer needs to be able to present the true facts of your injuries and other damages. Such a lawyer is available at Jae Lee Law.