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Should I use my health insurance to pay my medical bills when the accident is someone else’s fault?

The question asked is a common issue by car accident victims as they lay on their hospital bills. From the collision report by the police, it is obvious that the fault of the accident is clearly the other driver’s fault. So, why is my health insurance provider paying for my medical bills when the responsibility should be the other driver’s? The answer is not as straight forward as you think. That’s where the experienced attorneys from JaeLeeLaw come in. For all your claims and issues on personal injury and car accidents, JaeLeeLaw is the law firm that you want to be representing you in court or in negotiations. This article provides clarification on any questions you may have on health insurance payments when it is another party’s fault. Health Insurance and payment of your medical bills According to the Health Insurance Association of America, health insurance is explained as “coverage that provides benefits for illness or injury.  It includes coverage for loss due to accident, medical expenses, amputation, disability, or accidental death. The definition by itself holds that your health insurance provider should be paying for any and all injuries from your car accident. Another issue that arises is that… Read more “Should I use my health insurance to pay my medical bills when the accident is someone else’s fault?”

What is health and wellness tourism?

People not only travel to explore new places or to visit their favorite tourist spot sometimes they travel fro their health and well being. To travel nationally or internationally for your wellness or health is called health and wellness travel. This includes going to different hospitals, clinics, and other institutions for better health or treatment. Health and Wellness traveling has become an industry having an estimated size of $3.4 trillion. This industry is divided into two main categories l  Wellness tourism l  Health Tourism Wellness tourism This tourism includes various treatments, including beauty treatments, SPA, Weight management, physical fitness, stress management, and relaxation. This tourism also includes spiritual tourism including meditation and yoga. In wellness tourism travelers from Europe and America come to Asian countries for these treatments. Current wellness trends include wellness areas in airports. For instant Singapore, the airport has a wellness area where people can meditate as they wait for their flights. The use of Chinese herbal medicine is also increasing with time, now people travel to Hong Kong to get treated by Chinese herbal medicine. Health tourism This tourism includes those travelers who travel nationally or internationally for health treatment in hospitals and clinics. Health… Read more “What is health and wellness tourism?”