Useful Tools to Track Your Instagram Followers

If you’re just a regular Instagram user who shares a few photos with your pals, you might not see the need in tracking your social media followers or how your photos function. But if you take your accounts’ activity more professionally, you’ll want to keep a tight check on your profile, as well as the sincerity of your followers. This is especially true for companies and influencers. In both situations, the quality of your fan base is critical. In the end, companies are only on social media to engage with their current and future consumers. Your ultimate objective in working with social media is the same. However, it’s pointless to have followers who aren’t in your target demographic.

Checking fake followers

The power to influence the actions and viewpoints of people in your expert field is, of course, the primary criterion of becoming an influencer. People notice what you write, say, or display, and they pay attention to your viewpoints. They respect you and feel your opinions and recommendations are correct. Hence, having a lot of fake followers is useless for any serious social media postings. Fake fans would never heed your suggestions. They will never purchase your goods or hire you or buy your services. They send out deceptive messages to make claims about reach that are just not true. Social media followers may make influencers appear more significant. But in practice, individuals can quickly spot fraudulent followers, and having too many might raise doubts about an influencer’s legitimacy.

Other applications

Follower applications provide both free and premium solutions for tracking Instagram followers. An instant Instagram audit is delivered by its free tool. These apps will then offer you a complimentary report detailing where you shine and where you fall short. The Instagram audit examines 10+ metrics from the last 30 days’ posts. It offers advice on financial accounts, engagement with your audience, account settings, and content marketing.


Instagram Insights is available for free if you have a commercial Instagram account. It’s Instagram’s built-in analytic tool that gives you information on your followers’ demographics and activities, as well as your content. You may use it to get information about your whole profile, each comment, and your stories. The home page of Instagram Insights shows you a summary of statistics for the material you’ve shared within the previous week. The total number of followers you have and how many you’ve acquired in the last seven days are displayed in the top column. A section called Followers may be found farther down the main screen. This provides an overview of follower’s characteristics, such as gender, age range, and geography. Insights will offer you graphs that break out follower demographics in further depth if you press See More.

Our tips will allow you to monitor your account’s activity and even get more free Instagram followers in the future. All the above-mentioned tools make life much easier for all the individuals who have a lot of followers.