Weighted Blanket Benefits You Didn’t Know Before

You have probably heard about the weighted blanket. But what exactly is a weighted blanket? Also referred to as a gravity blanket, a weighted blanket is a heavy blanket weighed down by either poly pellets or glass beads that are sewed within the fabric. It is mainly used for its therapeutic benefits. Over the years, it has been recommended due to its advantages for health.

In this article, we seek to unpack the said benefits of weighted blankets.

The benefits of weighted blankets

Here are a few benefits that can be derived from the use of a weighted or gravity blanket.

Alleviates anxiety and insomnia

Whenever we feel stressed out or things are not going our way, our bodies naturally produce cortisol. This hormone is also known as the stress hormone. Significant levels of cortisol in your body will disrupt your sleeping patterns and result in sleepless nights.

This can be negated by the use of a weighted blanket. The blanket has been designed in a way to stimulate the production of dopamine, which counteracts the effect of cortisol. With lower levels of stress in your body, you are bound to have a good night’s rest.

Sleep quality

If you are looking to improve on the quality of sleep, we recommend that you purchase a weighted blanket. In a research study published, the weight of this blanket improved the quality of sleep by limiting the movement throughout the night. This guarantees a restful sleep.

Increases the production of melatonin

If you have never heard of melatonin, you should read up on it. Melatonin is responsible for a regular sleeping rhythm, also referred to as a circadian rhythm. The production of melatonin is directly correlated to that of serotonin. Both hormones have seen increased production after the use of a weighted blanket. This is due to the deep pressure stimulation system used in the design of weighted blankets.

Just like a hug

During a time of anxiety and longing, a hug has often proved to be the solution we need to feel loved and stress-free. When we are hugged, our body releases oxytocin that is known to improve our mood, relax our bodies, slow down the heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

The weighted blanket mimics the sensation of giving a hug and as a result, gives its users all the benefits of a hug. By using a weighted blanket, you can be guaranteed of feeling calm, loved, and relaxed the whole night.

Works better with ADHD children

Do you have a child with ADHD or autism? Then, you should definitely invest in a weighted blanket. This blanket offers them a feeling of security during the night and allows them to sleep longer and more peacefully.

You can also drape the blanket over your child during the day. It will help them to focus on various tasks. Autism schools use the same technology when using weighted lap pads for students.

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