What is physical therapy?

physical therapy


Physical therapy is a branch of medical science that addresses all those issues which are related to injuries, or illnesses which limits a person’s movement and performance of functional activities of daily lives. Physical therapy uses different diagnosis techniques like X-ray, Citi scan and MRI. After that, when the injury or illness is identified, they use planned exercises to treat those injuries.


Physical therapy is a very vast subject. This field of study can be traced back to ancient times. The first form of physical therapy is believed to be used in 430 A.D.

Scope of Physical therapy

Physical therapy is used in different fields of life. The professionals of this field are called Physical therapists. The physical therapist is an integral part of the professional sports team because, as we all know, many physical injuries happen during sports. Also, apart from handling injuries on the field of play, they help players to do the right exercises in the gym. These people also run rehabs or clinics where they conduct planned activities for those people who lost their limbs during an accident or in the line action (which also includes soldiers) to get used to their prosthetic arms and legs. These products are eventually helping them in walking and doing things from their hands which they were unable to do before the treatment. PTs also help those patients who have by birth physical illness or are experiencing some foliage attack these patients cannot maintain their balance or use their hands or legs to perform any movement. A physical therapist uses different exercises which help them to connect their brain with their body. They also have a separate department in hospitals for treating those patients who have faced injuries in severe car accidents.

Physical therapy techniques 

The physical therapist uses different methods which include the following

l  Therapeutic Exercises

l  Patient Education

l  Manual Therapy

l  Soft Tissue Mobilization

l  Ice and heat

l  Electrical Stimulation

l  Light therapy

Some of them are described in detail below. 

l  Therapeutic Exercise

It is known as a go-to treatment for the physical therapist. When muscles, joints, and tissues are pushed beyond their limits or torn apart, the physical therapist uses these exercises to treat the patient. These include the range of motions and strengthening exercises.

l  Patient education

In order to recover a patient, the physical therapist teaches a patient some exercises which he/she does at home after the therapy class ends. Apart from that, a physical therapist also corrects sleeping and sitting postures of the patient to help him/her overcome illness or injury.

l  Manual Therapy

This technique involves the manipulation of muscles, stretches, and joint mobilizations. These treatments are given to the patients to overcome their pain, increase range of motions and decrease inflammation

l  Soft Tissue Mobilization

This technique involves the use of massage to allow muscles to relax and tissues to recover.


Physical therapy is also known as rehabilitation science. This branch of medical science is helping countless human beings to overcome their physical injuries and illness.