What is the best country for medical tourism?

india medical tourism


Medical tourism refers to traveling nationally or internationally for a medical procedure or treatment. There are many factors for people to leave their homes and travel long distances for their treatment. These include

l  Advance medical technology

l  Cost of medical treatment

l  Rules of medical treatments

People from different countries have different motives for their medical tourism, for instance, patients in the developing nations go for medical tourism for their treatment that is not available in their state or if the procedure is not available. Another reason is that the treatment cost is too high in the patient’s country and another foreign country is offering the same treatment at a lower price. The lower is lower because of the favorable currency exchange rate. According to an article published in Medical tourism magazine in 2016, 11 million Americans left the US for affordable medical treatments abroad.

Keeping in mind the factors involved in medical tourism India is considered the best country for medical tourism.

Why is India considered as the best country for medical tourism?

If you are seeking cutting-edge health facilities at affordable prices, then India should be your destination. India has become a key player in medical tourism. Apart from its affordability and health care facilities patients from around the world visit for its historical sights and luxury hotels.

Another reason is the waiting time. As soon as a patient is diagnosed, there is no waiting time between    

Diagnosis and surgery compare to other countries where a patient has to wait for weeks and sometimes for months for their operation to be conducted. Another significant factor is the organ transplant. In India, organ transplant is still legal. Last but not the least affordability Indian Rupee is weaker than pound sterling, Euro and the US Dollar. So when the patients convert their currency in Indian Rupees their health care cost seems much cheaper than what they were paying at their local hospital. In some cases even after taking into account the cost of traveling and hotel expenses, the total cost of treatment is less than their host countries.

Best Hospitals in India

·        AIIMS(All India Institute of Medical sciences)

·        CMC(Christian Medical College)

·        Apollo Hospitals

·        Fortis Hospital

1.                   AIIMS: – the All Indian institute is considered one of the best hospitals in India. It is situated in New Delhi. This institute was established in 1956. This hospital has an international clientele.

2.                   Christian Medical College: – This facility is situated in Tamil Nadu. This hospital is known for providing the best health care services for affordable prices.

3.                   Apollo hospitals- Apollo hospitals are a chain of hospitals situated in different parts of India. It is considered as one of the most trusted names about health care.

4.                   Fortis hospital: – These hospitals have not only branched in India but also have international branches in 11 countries. They are known for their world-class treatment and infrastructure.  


India has come a long way in health care. Now health facilities in India are considered world-class and have affordable prices.