Who are the top fashion bloggers on Instagram?

The fashion industry has grown leaps and bound ahead of the ordinary realm. Today fields such as fashion blogging and social media marketing have grown so much that people have taken this hobby as a professional realm. Nearly 55 million people have started their profile as a fashion and art media blogger in the current times. For this, many corporate bodies have created endorsement through Instagram promotion to increase their brand and product awareness. These social media bloggers also act as critics for these fashion brands since their opinion are agreed by millions of followers, hence their idea has a great weight to these companies. For this, product prototyping and testing are also done by these sorts of people.

The niche has grown, so many companies in 2019 spent nearly 2 billion dollars on endorsement, prototyping and testing. These social media platforms, similar to Instagram, often offer plugins that allow open voting and engagement plugins. These also help these corporate bodies to have a raw opinion of their business. Hence, fashion bloggers are the new mainstream work that people pick as their career.

Below are some of the most prominent fashion blogger on Instagram:

Chiara Ferragni (the blonde salad)

Born in Italy, Milan, Chiara is one of the most prominent fashion bloggers on Instagram. She started working in her niche in 2009 when the idea of fashion blogging had little value and recognition on these digital platforms. But today, she has accumulated a net worth of nearly six million dollars just through brand endorsements. This is because of her 15.8 million followers on Instagram. She has been ranked as one of the biggest influencers on the platform and is usually compared by the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Shakira, and Serena Williams.

Camila Coelho

Camila is based in Brazil, which probably is the reason for her natural flair and opinions. Companies often quote her views as a source of legitimate statements. Her insight into fashion, beauty, and lifestyle has been validated by the 7.8 million that follow her page on Instagram. She has been seen to partner with companies such as Coach and Dior. This shows the level of skills and abilities she has developed over the years. Recently she has also established her signature makeup line named Nightlife.

Negin Mirsalehi

Named as the Iranian fashion blogger of the year in 2018, Negin has also been seen in the fashion industry’s forefront. She has developed relationships with brands such as Lulu’s, Revolve, and Prada. In history, she has won many awards from prestigious companies regarding her expertise in fashion blogging. She peaked when she was included in Forbes’s top 30 list as one of the upcoming fashion experts. Her Instagram engagement has also seen great height, with over 5.1 million on Instagram.

These are some of the most significant people in the fashion blogging industry on Instagram. People have valued their opinion for years and therefore follow their opening by heart. Hence, these females are tried and tested by the best in the business. And above all, their value is validated by the immense following they have gathered up over these years.