What Is Basic Medical Benefits Package for Veterans?

Are you a veteran asking yourself what are some benefits you can enjoy after serving the army? Did you know that there are a vast number of benefits and advantages you get, such as disability compensation, business loans, pension programs, and education programs?

Above this, veterans also ask how are medical bills treated when the injured person is a military veteran. Are there other medical benefits you can enjoy as a veteran? You can apply to receive the medical benefits via calling 877-222-VETS (8387) Monday to Friday between 8 AM to 8 PM or applying online.

Durable medical equipment

If you incurred an injury when serving the army and constantly need medical equipment for your well-being, the bill is catered for by the government. Such equipment includes eyeglasses, orthodontic equipment, hearing aids among others.

The servicing and replacement of this equipment are also catered for in case they need a change. This shows a good gesture of appreciation to injured veterans.

Surgical bills

One can incur an injury that requires surgery such as neurological surgery, ophthalmic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, or orthopedic surgery. Both inpatient and outpatient surgeries are catered for under applied medical bills.

Drugs prescribed or those acquired over the counter are also catered for under this category. This is to ensure proper recovery without struggling to cater to your medical bills.

Counseling services

Sometimes veterans go through hard memories, especially war flashbacks. Some lose their friends or even family members. After retirement, most opt for counseling services such as bereavement counseling, mental health counseling, or professional counseling.

These services are free for veterans as the government pays for them on their behalf. An advantage to this service is immediate family members of a veteran can access this service as well for free.

Preventative cares

This entails medical services that can curb the development of certain fatal diseases affecting an individual or a certain location at a given time.

Services such as immunization, medical consultations, medical examinations, check-ups, lab reports, nutrition education, and screening tests are offered to veterans for free.

Are veteran medical services offered equally?

Veterans are classified according to priority groups where they range from 1 to 8. The lower the number of a veteran’s priority group, the higher priority he or she gets in receiving medical care. The top three priorities are groups 1 to 3.

Group 1

Have a disability of 50% and above from active service. This group entails people who are not able to work on their own to gain a living.

Group 2

Have a disability rated 30-40% from the active service.

Group 3

Have a disability rated 10-20%. Also entails people whose disabilities occurred in the line of duty.

Group 4

This is a group of veterans that have been catastrophically been disabled.

Group 5

Are a group eligible for medicaid programs and pension benefits?

Group 6

Entails veterans exposed to oxidation or radiation when at duty.

Group 7

Veterans with lower income than their geographical location.

Group 8

Veterans that agree to pay co-payments.