Why We Can’t Sleep And What To Do About It

Are you struggling with insomnia and want to get quality sleep? It can be nagging if you are tired and are longing for a good rest but cannot get sleep. Lack of sleep is often associated with diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Sleep helps the body balance metabolism, develop new cells and relieve fatigue. Unfortunately, most people do not get sleep easily due to either medical conditions, bad bedtime habits, or psychological disorders. So, what can be done to ensure good sleep?


What is your bedtime routine? The body has a way of naturally adapting to activities done at certain times of the day. Most of us prefer a shower and listen to soothing music before falling asleep.

If you are struggling with sleep, try having a bedtime routine where your body will shut down automatically the moment you are done with the routines.


Late night meals cause discomfort, depriving you of good sleep. Digestion takes around two hours to be complete. If you take heavy meals and go to bed immediately, this might cause you discomfort.

Consider having light meals such as cereals or non-acidic fruits and nuts as a bedtime snack. These meals will digest with ease and make you have a good rest.


Caffeine keeps most of us active. It is present in coffee and energy drinks. Having such drinks before bed makes the body active and getting sleep will be quite a hustle.

Instead, have a glass of warm milk. Milk stimulates the brain to produce tryptophan that stimulates sleep.


Switch off your lights when going to bed. Too much light will keep your body active, deriving you from sleep. Some of us are not so good with total darkness. And it is okay.

Alternatively, go for glow-in-the-dark stickers to make the room look luminous. Low-light lamp sheds can be used as another alternative.


Have you realized you cannot get good sleep when it is too hot or too cold? The body adapts to cold by shivering that increases metabolic activity by keeping one active. On the other hand, when it is too hot, you will keep tossing and rolling over the bed due to discomfort.

To deal with this, ensure your room is well aerated during the day. Open your windows and ensure they are closed on time. Wearing breathable clothes in the bed is advisable, such as silk or cotton.


Poor quality bedding results in poor sleep. For example, if your mattress is not of a good density, it will apply unnecessary pressure to the body, leading to one feeling tired and uncomfortable.

Ensure your comforters are clean and of outstanding quality, and also remember to check whether your pillow meets the requirements for optimum head support. A relaxed mind on a good bed leads to good sleep.

In conclusion, good sleep is achieved through a relaxed mind. Training the brain to relax is a major step to get quality sleep. If the condition persists seek a sleep therapist.