Appointment scheduling solution: What, How, and Why?

Using appointment reminder service gives the clients the choice of booking a service from literally anywhere on the planet; as long as they have an internet-capable phone and a good connection. As a client, you no longer have to dial customer service and be kept on hold for long spells. You can seamlessly and easily book an appointment with a few keystrokes. Interested? Why don’t you keep reading and take your business to the next level?

The What?

An appointment scheduling or booking solution will come in the form of a website or an application that can be downloaded to a smartphone device. It will easily allow both the clients and administrators to set up appointments. The solution should be available at all hours of the day and allow for easy compatibility and integration with other commonly used software and operating systems such as Google and iCloud.

Other important features of appointment scheduling software are the inclusion of online payment solutions, the capturing of client details, statistics as well as sending of notifications such as emails and text messages in the form of reminders.

The How?

There is a number of appointment booking systems in the industry. The most common procedure of booking an appointment looks like so:

  •         The client will log in to the website or application to book an appointment. If they don’t have an account, they might need to create one. This allows for the system to capture and store the client details for later use. Upon confirmation of the date and time, as well as the selected branch (if any), the client will receive a confirmation of their appointment.
  •         At specific times, the client will receive reminders either via email or message. The reminders should contain a link that allows for the client to re-confirm their attendance on the D-day. The reminder can also contain a check-in link.
  •         On the day of the appointment, the client will use their check-in link at the reception or mobile ticket machine to receive a ticket. With that, they can monitor their place.
  •         When their turn comes, the client is called by the public announcement service and the customer receives the selected service.

The Why?

The first reason why you should invest in an online appointment scheduling solution is the current market. Every business and service is moving online. You must have an online presence to keep up with the competition and the industry. This shows your clients (both current and potential) that you are in touch. It also leaves a good impression on them. You can be sure that you have left an imprint in their heads of your company brand.

The current service industry demands that customer experience be prioritized above all. The use of an appointment scheduling solution is one way to ensure so.